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Axios: United States of Corporate America is a Fantastic Thing    02/25/18  (3)
The hottest girls are those who are actually slightly imperfect    02/25/18  (18)
Chick said I'm "creepy and rub her the wrong way" even though we've never...    02/25/18  (24)
CA democratic party won't endorse Feinstein    02/25/18  (1)
Cleary associate busted for having Indians ghostwrite memos, billed 3.3k hours    02/25/18  (2)
I really enjoy jim gaffigans stand up, am I low IQ    02/25/18  (16)
Spanish Chad hitting on your GF in front of you in Spanish    02/25/18  (1)
HOW DO UMC EUROPEANS LIVE ON 44,000 EUROS/YEAR?    02/25/18  (7)
Oppressive shrews demand "bed frames"    02/25/18  (26)
recently discovered bunch of awesome russian ww2 tv shows (amazon prime)    02/25/18  (2)
Why do low iq shitcons think its ok to eat meat?    02/25/18  (24)
For $1 million/year Id call school shooting survivors faggots too    02/25/18  (1)
Bowie's "Up the Hill Backward" playing as Peterman drives to the dr to get HIV r    02/25/18  (2)
no worries yeah, 3 is an awkward number at brunch, txt me if he cancels haha    02/25/18  (1)
Shaved head FL survivor girl now has more TWTR followers than NRA reptile cunt    02/25/18  (5)
Canadian athlete steals car at Olympics    02/25/18  (1)
put kid to bed. wife still not home. im literally dying of flu and she left me a    02/25/18  (15)
Mature barista making moves on me    02/25/18  (28)
coke dealer got busted - how fucked is he?    02/25/18  (16)
sociopath BULLS absolutely running train on truth & empathy cucks    02/25/18  (2)
Israel Mulling Bill to Expropriate Lands From Palestinian Christians    02/25/18  (1)
Shaved head FL chick who survived shooting now has more followers than the NRA    02/25/18  (8)
piss and poopoo appreciation thread    02/25/18  (20)
ogling the same flabby gym shrew week after week    02/25/18  (2)
Fat shitcon proles who literally eat steak    02/25/18  (9)
we'll all be in western russia fighting nazis in biplanes by friday    02/25/18  (3)
ur HS GF in white adidas, squatting & sucking black cock in Marsielle projects    02/25/18  (7)
ODD CASE: How does Cleveland have one of the best hospitals and orchestras?    02/25/18  (11)
how low iq do you have to be to think a 16-cell morula has reached personhood?    02/25/18  (22)
Thats not kosher! lisped DBG as his asshole widened to accommodate damn daddy    02/25/18  (1)
Mark cuban: the world's first trillionaire will be an AI entrepreneur    02/25/18  (54)
******One Month Sober Today******    02/25/18  (29)
30 YO female Thai Air Force Officer likes me    02/25/18  (32)
u said u wanted adventure so that's why I kidnapped ur cat haha    02/25/18  (2)
Is Sarah Silverman funny, y/n?    02/25/18  (6)
Did you guys know that Monopoly was created to show pitfalls of Capitalism?    02/25/18  (5)
UMC Thai Women are so beautiful    02/25/18  (1)
IGWC = I'm Gay With Children    02/25/18  (7)
u wake up next to damn daddy, see he's already texting another boy    02/25/18  (21)
BJC Diego Schwartzman Breaks Into ATP Top 20 #tennis    02/25/18  (2)
Alpha beats up his gf, gf's side dude, and gf's mom all at once    02/25/18  (81)
Imagine being a 20 yr old college bro and finding out your ex fucked a 28 yr old    02/25/18  (44)
LJL, one year at HBS has a financial aid budget of 110 grand    02/25/18  (23)
DBG rate this Jewess from Miami    02/25/18  (4)
What do you do with money gifted to your kid?    02/25/18  (3)
Girlfriend asked if I liked her dress, said it gave me a hard off, shes mad now    02/25/18  (1)
Do Foreign Women look down on "haha"    02/25/18  (4)
Youtube bans alt right podcast Baked Alaska    02/25/18  (1)
Not flame: my dog was killed by two pit bulls today    02/25/18  (165)
[DBG talmud law class thread]    02/25/18  (3)
youtube actually comes out with some good memes sometimes    02/25/18  (9)
Rick Steves fingers your gf on a gondola in Venice while you    02/25/18  (4)
True story, Kamikaze only became a tactic Bc Japanese are shitty pilots    02/25/18  (1)
Fat shitlib proles who literally drink sperm.    02/25/18  (1)
Even Democracy Now! is neocon agitprop now, very sad.    02/25/18  (1)
Where are the happily married xo bros?    02/25/18  (81)
Humans drinking cow milk is one of the greatest GC flames evah    02/25/18  (3)
evan39? Theyd call me evan3900 if they knew the truth.    02/25/18  (4)
The New Republic: Ban all political speech on social media before elections    02/25/18  (16)
Barack Obama Saves Houston Rockets GM Sam Hinkie    02/25/18  (1)
Why are jews obsessed with sleep away camp?    02/25/18  (13)
capitalism is super fucked up    02/25/18  (3)
Stupid bitch at work yelled "And then the brunch started dancing!"    02/25/18  (57)
Dakota "Pipeline" Fanning    02/25/18  (2)
if it weren't for capitalism we could ban meat    02/25/18  (1)
New Yorkers: are the social divisions in "Uptown Girl" still relevant today?    02/25/18  (8)
*David Attenborough voice* "The betas must be cautious. Someone else has his eye    02/25/18  (17)
u should probably get talebs new book if u hate libs, intellectuals but like boo    02/25/18  (1)
Early eukaryotic life to other life form: Im gay    02/25/18  (1)
Japan used to put out a decent amount of elite marathoners    02/25/18  (6)
"Just a sec babe, have to do this ICO," luis said dismissively as they sunbathed    02/25/18  (1)
"Your quiche is ready," barista says to u the moment your ex gf & her Chad    02/25/18  (5)
TS Elliot Rodger - The Hapa Men    02/25/18  (11)
I am vegan but I eat fish, eggs, milk and pork.    02/25/18  (1)
Veteran against gun reform humiliated by operator.    02/25/18  (1)
Just paid for a 5 year NRA membership for $100    02/25/18  (16)
How fucked up is this? Dood finds pic of swinger mom servicing two BBCs    02/25/18  (56)
*Poast mentions meat* *toplawshools tp turns into a histrionic faggot*    02/25/18  (3)
Local lawyer installs mini hottub in backseat of '91 Honda cr-x.    02/25/18  (5)
That's it - I'm converting to Buddhism    02/25/18  (3)
Joe's Crab Shack being Crab-Forward in CHAPTER ELEVEN    02/25/18  (8)
Weird that fat ugly sperg Matt Bruenig copped a hot wife    02/25/18  (2)
My cousin's wife is a disgusting striver    02/25/18  (32)
whenever i see a lib talking on TV i like to imagine him w a cock in his mouth    02/25/18  (1)
Is Buddhism the credited "religion"?    02/25/18  (26)
"meat is murder!" squawked the fat purple haired tatted up drugged out freak    02/25/18  (1)
JJC: $400k+ on b-school. Still NOWAG. Chad: welfare, different girl every night    02/25/18  (2)
learning to play the bass guitar. rate my rhumba    02/25/18  (4)
Virtually all young white sloots are taking the bbc these days    02/25/18  (15)
Met a Canadian girl at a party, she told me about her meeting Americans abroad    02/25/18  (42)
should I have burner phone for hooker solicitation    02/25/18  (2)
toplawschool tp sucks a mean cock    02/25/18  (1)
Boomer cop reading Garfield book in school library as your kids die    02/25/18  (9)
The letter c is faggot    02/25/18  (1)
Sting - All This Time    02/25/18  (1)
you know, i worked w a sally hemings descendent. she was 180.    02/25/18  (3)
Got sucked dry by a WELSH spinner (6 total in Feb) Taking ?s (CharlesXII)    02/25/18  (16)
Tinder girl to me: you dont want to know in response to whats your number    02/25/18  (6)
Working first weekend in years. How do you fucks do this regularly?    02/25/18  (13)
Times of India MAF as Trump Goes Hard at H1B's    02/25/18  (23)
JFC just heard Nirvana on a classic rock station    02/25/18  (10)
In 10-20 years young US women will only be familiar with disgusting foreskin    02/25/18  (2)
have you ever gone up against a PRO SE plaintiff?    02/25/18  (14)
CharlesXII's pessimistic outlook on life: let's bash this TTT    02/25/18  (5)
Your grandpa in P51 over Midway, ur Milkbank website pic taped above fuel gauge    02/25/18  (16)
Lifehack: Open & operate a successful restaurant by putting word "craft" in name    02/25/18  (20)
There are beta faggots on xo who literally admit to not eating meat    02/25/18  (1)
Prince Ali scene but it's Krampus rolling through Agrabah in his 2018 honda CR-V    02/25/18  (25)
Fact: 90% of men are beta males    02/25/18  (8)
Rate this haha message I just woke up to    02/25/18  (8)
Aramark promises sensitivity training after workers served kishka on Yom Hashoah    02/25/18  (3)
Ive got to get the fuck out of the legal profession    02/25/18  (1)
internet community    02/25/18  (2)
Baby Boomers dancing to Working for the Weekend    02/25/18  (5)
Amazing # of partners dropped NRA affiliation after learning NRA was gun advocac    02/25/18  (1)
NASA's only Mars rover that is still functional is a remote controlled CR-V    02/25/18  (4)
reminder: cabbits--cat-rabbit hybrids--are REAL and LIVING. htmfh    02/25/18  (22)
Peterson: "I was ordered to stand down, can't say any more"    02/25/18  (5)
Ever had to deal with someone 10+ years younger in a higher position?    02/25/18  (17)
Summary of the illegal Obama approved spying operation    02/25/18  (2)
i read all XO poasts in a "Professor John Frink" voice    02/25/18  (2)
/*\/*\/*\/*\ Schiff Memo RELEASED /*\/*\/*\/*\    02/25/18  (52)
John Gray bends Stephen Pinker over like a twig ITT (link)    02/25/18  (1)
Islamic rules about keeping women in line make more sense every day    02/25/18  (13)
OMG dont u hurt that dog! *puts fetus in vitamix*    02/25/18  (10)
Help build my list of books to buy at used bookstore this morning    02/25/18  (4)
"DeVos is horrible for children!" she shouted over the abortion vacuum    02/25/18  (116)
Feels weird to hear Nirvana songs and realize they're 30 fuckin' years old    02/25/18  (12)
Have you started to read things you don't like?    02/25/18  (1)
"Use the pipe, Mario" - Obi Wan Marathi    02/25/18  (97)
What's the thread with the hilarious discussion of the written language?    02/25/18  (1)
Honda CR-V dutifully following owners commands. Mercedes C demanding maintenance    02/25/18  (2)
"Sunday Funday," RSF lisped as he took a duck face selfie for Instagram    02/25/18  (102)
6'4" 232 lbs.    02/25/18  (7)
100% pure Marathi BMC    02/25/18  (59)
MarioMaserati and PauliePorsche: true Marathi gods with BMCs    02/25/18  (22)
"Well, in our generation there is no pay gap," you tell the shrews at brunch    02/25/18  (16)
"dats a BMC," the Alpha Marathi said. "and u betta belee it do a    02/25/18  (39)
Curvy hot Jewish girl is now addicted to BMC, fukking up my    02/25/18  (52)
Anyone like being a contrarian?    02/25/18  (1)
"Nasser violated their trust!" *vaccums sentient child into medical waste bag*    02/25/18  (25)
rsf: weighs 250+ lbs. u: are a twink    02/25/18  (2)
Libs: BLM is actually about a few LEOs being bad apples. Whites: How dare you!    02/25/18  (18)
I think we can all agree that Cornel West is, at minimum, pretty cool    02/25/18  (1)
Buddhism: convincing low-iq millennials of dumb shit by using the passive voice    02/25/18  (2)
One of you bastards will unknowingly marry a woman like this    02/25/18  (219)
xo ted is clearly the smartest person alive    02/25/18  (3)
Always thought that east end boys and west end girls song said eastern boys and    02/25/18  (1)
I got the juice. I got the sauce.    02/25/18  (1)

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