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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
RATE Justice Sotomayor's future law clerk    07/16/18  (57)
Inception: but with AA bumps and credentialism    07/16/18  (2)
someone please summarize the Trump Putin press conference TYIA    07/16/18  (12)
Need to make a car that runs off piss, shit and trash    07/16/18  (6)
I'm running for Senate as a Republican. My Democrat parents are so furious they'    07/16/18  (13)
"I can't get LAID, but I can detain 4 year old Nicaraguans!" - OfficialXO Slogan    07/16/18  (5)
What did Trump get out of this press conference?    07/16/18  (4)
Neil Armstrong was 39 when he landed on the moon    07/16/18  (7)
How is owning and renting out property any better than wagecucking    07/16/18  (27)
What is going on in Nicaragua?!    07/16/18  (2)
Putin pwns Trump, showed up to meeting 40 min late    07/16/18  (1)
You couldve done anything you wanted and still can you pussies    07/16/18  (11)
what is your plan to escape wagecuckery?    07/16/18  (24)
think I realized that "fitness exercise" over sports is utter and complete flame    07/16/18  (50)
Rate my kid's first birthday set up (CSLG)    07/16/18  (159)
I bill on average 2 hrs/day, 5 days a week, @450/hr, 2 months vacation, $200k/yr    07/16/18  (3)
Trump's press conference performance = "high crimes and misdemeanors"    07/16/18  (6)
To Be Fair is cute    07/16/18  (1)
Is nothing sacred? Libs attacking Barrons soccer ball.    07/16/18  (1)
JFC my twitter feed is just unhinged insane people screaming the world is ending    07/16/18  (3)
Remember when Trump proposed to keep 2.5M illegals yet Dems rejected?    07/16/18  (3)
LOL gymos, there's hundreds of people outside your window you can fight for free    07/16/18  (1)
Swipe dat credit card but that 300k car buy that 5mm home loan its all worth it    07/16/18  (1)
More important for Dr. Nadal this year: a fourth USO or a fifth YE #1? #tennis    07/16/18  (10)
court reporter dropped her keyboard halfway thru this expert depo    07/16/18  (3)
Fuck fuck fuck the sky is gray clouds are black cum is purple its all true take    07/16/18  (1)
Miami judge who called black defendant MOULI resigns    07/16/18  (10)
if u have a kid, would ur parents give IT your inheritance?    07/16/18  (13)
poasting | snus | alcohol    07/16/18  (18)
The entire internet is a lie... all media, wiki all of it!    07/16/18  (1)
Appeaser-In-Chief Blames America First, Calls America Foolish and Stupid    07/16/18  (1)
Ocazia-Cortez is an hispanic identitarian, not a 'socialist'    07/16/18  (73)
Market has gained 1000 points since TT left again    07/16/18  (1)
Why won't trump answer whether he thinks putin meddled?    07/16/18  (1)
Rate this Jewish Wapo Reporter walk his shit back in real time    07/16/18  (37)
triple cheeseburger | dunhill internationals | enema of the state    07/16/18  (4)
I really dislike white Mexicans. And I am a brown Mexican.    07/16/18  (11)
Anyone remember the MoreDoughHi thread where he bragged about beating a woman?    07/16/18  (11)
Wiki is such a joke    07/16/18  (3)
Literally nothing matters for anyone alive right now.. age is a lie    07/16/18  (1)
Rep Joe Crowley reflects on loss to airhead beaner on "Face The Nation"    07/16/18  (19)
lol at putin having to stand there while trump says "i beat hillary, i beat her    07/16/18  (1)
Definitive list of Introvert Hobbies ITT    07/16/18  (6)
Filter - Take a Picture.mp3    07/16/18  (3)
Compare and contrast these 2 posters: Consuela and boner police    07/16/18  (20)
Just put a bullet in head to stop the bleeding? No one will listen nothing will    07/16/18  (1)
CNN: You could see it on Putin's face!    07/16/18  (1)
Its lol how retarded how stiuff is anymore.. I was watching a cable tv show    07/16/18  (1)
Any unapologetic Aristotelians post on XO?    07/16/18  (3)
Bailey Jay tests positive for HIV (link)    07/16/18  (23)
Do you feel like youve got flat out fucked?    07/16/18  (4)
Complete List of Jewish Expulsions throughout history    07/16/18  (9)
Anyone can do anything    07/16/18  (1)
should i kill myself after work tmrw?    07/16/18  (20)
Impossible to get a really deep swimming pool. Like > 50 ft    07/16/18  (6)
the media is trying to sabotage Elon Musk 's future presidential run    07/16/18  (15)
what are some prestigious medium/smaller cities    07/16/18  (91)
Norwegian police with guns call themselves Delta Force    07/16/18  (1)
Ok so space teen lives in bunfuk Louisiana pushed by red neck parents &u cant m    07/16/18  (1)
I have no idea how people do office work for 40 yrs    07/16/18  (20)
Jokes aside, at what age should a child be taught how to shoot a gun?    07/16/18  (7)
Dr Federer & Mirka In Ibiza For Wimby Finals (PIC) #tennis    07/16/18  (7)
Flying J billboard: Every 10 gallons of diesel earns one peterman.    07/16/18  (1)
Vermont law school revokes tenure for 75% of faculty    07/16/18  (2)
filter for #tennis poasts?    07/16/18  (3)
Would you creampie fhia legal teen headed to mars?    07/16/18  (7)
Lol at space teen going to mars because she was watching retarded cable tv at 3    07/16/18  (2)
Rate this gif (nsfw)    07/16/18  (17)
Struggling Paintball business in Miami-Dade allows customers to use .22s (Miami    07/16/18  (1)
Its funny that age means none people have and gone people in 100s still alive    07/16/18  (1)
Libs boycotting GERBER for CEO comment that tranny men cannot give birth    07/16/18  (3)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez discusses Israel/Palestine.    07/16/18  (61)
CNN: Pittsburgh Mayor member of NAMBLA    07/16/18  (1)
"just keep going; the blood will clot in a few minutes" (peterman)    07/16/18  (8)
BlueSmoke notes Serena looks same as age 18, cites "Black don't crack" #tennis    07/16/18  (5)
White Power HVAC, LLC, link the beast site for one second.    07/16/18  (27)
$27,000 balloon    07/16/18  (4)
What is market clerkship bonus? Is there a market rate?    07/16/18  (2)
*checks binance* *revises redfin parameters accordingly* *all houses disappear*    07/16/18  (12)
Kerber Guaranteed Into The Tennis HOF? #tennis    07/16/18  (8)
At this rate we're going to be allies w/ Russia vs. the Red China war machine    07/16/18  (1)
White nationalist U.S.-Russia alliance    07/16/18  (1)
Remember when Libs were cozying up to Russia & telling us the Cold War was over?    07/16/18  (2)
Pool man got in accident/insurance denied liability/popped it for 25K (CSLG)    07/16/18  (7)
What ever happened to guys who robbed Kim Kardashian in Paris & urinated on her?    07/16/18  (36)
Lmao Putin standing next to Trump and attacking Soros    07/16/18  (1)
Trump just dumped a truckload of sand into Swamp journalist pussies.    07/16/18  (1)
lol at taking a young lib get in her 20s with hyphenated name seriously    07/16/18  (7)
tranny gf: *Clutched*; shrew GF: *clutches own bowels/slime*    07/16/18  (11)
resist dormpfhtd    07/16/18  (3)
Odds Ken Burns is crypto red-pilling audience with "Vietnam"?    07/16/18  (1)
Remember when libs were decent people?    07/16/18  (57)
RATE this HuffPo tweet re Trump Tape (link)    07/16/18  (10)
will next generation of libspawn have four hyphenated surnames? and then eight?    07/16/18  (2)
the genocidal left    07/16/18  (1)
Whoa Trump is speaking fluent Russian at this press conference. Also a red tie    07/16/18  (4)
Mike Bryan Hits 455 Weeks At #1 #tennis    07/16/18  (1)
reminder: if you don't vape youre a bottom    07/16/18  (1)
Reminder: Politics literally mean shit...    07/16/18  (2)
hey did you guys hear about the politics this weekend?    07/16/18  (9)
Boi Next Door (Pics)    07/16/18  (11)
TRUMP: "The US acted stupidly"    07/16/18  (94)
Not a poli sci guy but should gop pres donate $1M to HRC's campaign?    07/16/18  (1)
Oil falls to $69 but gas still at $3 gallon ljl    07/16/18  (4)
After Weekend Of Mixed Emotions, Lawyer & Tennis Fan Takes His Life (NYT)#tennis    07/16/18  (13)
Things Libs loved in 1985: PA Steelworkers, low interest rates, infrastructure    07/16/18  (1)
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai stabs Donald Trump in the back.    07/16/18  (1)
Planned Parenthood commercial: protect your right to fuck anyone anytime! (Liter    07/16/18  (128)
Male gorillas: Let's give females equal votes about tribal invaders    07/16/18  (3)
dumbest thing you've ever been yelled at for at work?    07/16/18  (10)
That 1 yr old baby is actually a 41 yr old MS 13 jeffe. [daily mail link]    07/16/18  (2)
xo Bernie Sanders: "Are blacks violent? Yes. Do I need their votes? Absolutely."    07/16/18  (10)
GF wants produce not from Walmart, I am holding firm    07/16/18  (30)
"Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs -- Alexandria Ocasio Cortez    07/16/18  (1)
every actor who ever said n-word on screen should get 50yrs prison    07/16/18  (1)
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Says Capitalism Will Not Always Exist    07/16/18  (1)
Remember back in 2011 when we asked if tranny rights were next?    07/16/18  (55)
Putin wore his $500,000 Vacheron Constantin to summit, it's that serious    07/16/18  (5)
Buy TSLA    07/16/18  (1)
Things Libs loved in 2015: Russia, Teslas, saying "elections have consequences"    07/16/18  (5)
Scary story abt NJ hospital waving Russian agents into US like 3rd base coach    07/16/18  (120)
There is only one relationship that matters for the survival of the World.    07/16/18  (11)
To the point where I know rebuying is a joke..    07/16/18  (2)
Money and the entire economy is a lie.. people just charge what they want    07/16/18  (1)
Kim Basinger in L.A. Confidential (1997)    07/16/18  (1)
Journalist tossed from Trump/Putin presser.    07/16/18  (13)
Bourdain was MURDERED for being a secret Trumpmo (DailyMail)    07/16/18  (7)
at work, just got yelled at    07/16/18  (9)
Two minutes of Kavanaugh "rapping" at his Yale roommates wedding reception (vid)    07/16/18  (14)
:D, admit it: you love ice cream    07/16/18  (4)
Reporter: "Senator, my name's Chaim Levine and--" Bernie: *makes air parentheses    07/16/18  (43)
Chandler starts trial this week. Who wants to come with me to watch (CSLG)    07/16/18  (69)
*luis looking at blockfolio* *Don't Look Back in Anger - Oasis.mp3 plays*    07/16/18  (3)
A 3 year old JAGUAR escaped from his enclosure & killed 5 alpacas/1 emu/2 foxes    07/16/18  (1)
Hypo: You are born into a white working class family with a 170 IQ    07/16/18  (62)
You guys notice the media sleight of hand from "Collusion" to "Meddling"?    07/16/18  (5)
libs have successfully forcememed the bullshit russian interference narrative    07/16/18  (4)
Anybody got tips on Harlem Shake?    07/16/18  (2)
Sam Cohen looking hot as fuck in a purple bikini #DBG    07/16/18  (5)
President Trump Holds a Joint Press Conference with the President of the Russian    07/16/18  (4)
ITT: We share our favorite Anime and Mangas    07/16/18  (11)
Reminder: Hillary killed JFK Jr. because he was going to win HER Senate seat    07/16/18  (1)
Bittersweet Day: Joker kisses Pinapple as Croatia loses World Cup #tennis    07/16/18  (2)
angry lawyers LARPing as Christians, lashing out at anyone who does differently    07/16/18  (1)
Dr Federer Has Bigger Tits Than Kerber (PIC) #tennis    07/16/18  (4)
LIVE NOW: Djoker Kissing The Pineapple Coupe. Ironside LIVID #tennis    07/16/18  (2)
Djoker Dancing With GERMAN Kerber At The Champions Ball. Ironside MAF #tennis    07/16/18  (2)
Vladimir Putin has been a pretty good POTUS so far.    07/16/18  (3)

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